So. I upholstered the fridge.


The  best part about owning a 20 year-old refridgerator is that there’s really nothing to lose when considering a major exterior change. Our beloved kitchen cooler is still running strong, just chillin’ and making ice cubes faithfully day after day. I was all set to slather it with black chalkboard paint when it occured to me that fabric would offer a much more colorful – and fun-to-apply – option. And thinking very, very hard I had to ask myself,

“Why not?”


I used a decoupage method, lots of glue (slightly diluted), a small roller and a makeshift paint tray. Making things up as I went along, I wanted to use fabric that would adhere well and have the right “feel.” After experimenting with three different prints and weights of fabric my choice ended up being a print of colors I love – a simple cotton piece easily manipulated. I measured the sides, top and doors of the fridge – then purchased six yards of the gold and white print.

Hubbie Clark offered to remove the hardware and replace it once the fabric was in place. That step helped make the final look more professional. The sides and top are one long piece of fabric. I cut the fabric pieces a half inch wider at all the edges, allow enough fabric to wrap around corners for a more finished look.


Measuring well and matching the prints both contributed to a finished, professional look. I prefer to tear rather than cut fabric whenever possible, to assure the pieces will measure square. As you can see from the pic we can still use magnets on the surface.


Close-up on the side seam below. Half inch wraps around the door to the inside.

fridge side seam

Sometimes a corner needed to be mitered as below.


Surprisingly this cloth cover has the feel of wallpaper. I applied the fabric over a layer of glue, then rolled two more layers of glue on top. I’m definitely happy with the look. When needed I’ll probably clean it with the upholstery attachment on my vacuum rather than scrub it with water.

fridge angled full

But there’s more!

My friend and lifegroup sister Caryn McDonald got so excited seeing my fridge for the first time last week that she went home and checking out the fridge in her garage, Caryn also asked herself,

“Why not?”


So, with nothing to lose she bought her own fabric and created her own Ridiculously Awesome Refridgerator.


Beauty On A Budget.


It occurs to me that we often miss great opportunities- in design and in life – telling ourselves what we can’t do and why we can’t do it. So, whether you’re designing this weekend’s worship, updating an office, styling a stage or rethinking your bucket list,

maybe it’s time to ask yourself,

“Why not?”

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