Kim Miller


As Worship and Campus Designer, Kim Miller creates experiences and environments for worship, events and community life on Ginghamsburg’s multiple campuses. Kim’s passion for visually, artistically and theologically connecting people to God fueled the pioneering of Ginghamsburg’s signature multisensory worship celebrations and continues to infuse her role as coach of the worship design team-dreaming, developing and deploying the weekend worship celebrations at Ginghamsburg.

Early in 2008, Kim’s vision to replicate the legendary Ginghamsburg DNA throughout it’s four campuses ignited a movement to recruit, train and deploy a team of strong (unpaid) artist-builders who now create engaging environments on a missional, “mud ‘n spit” budget – a new model for churches seeking to stay current in guest experience. Many of these makeover projects can be viewed at

A frequent consultant in church space design, Kim shares the vision and mission of Ginghamsburg as speaker, blogger and writer, her latest book – REdesigning Churches: creating spaces for connection and community – joins these additional resources Kim has authored via Abingdon Press: [re]Designing Worship: creating powerful God experiences and Handbook for Multisensory Worship – Volumes I & II.

redesigning Churches
REdesigning churches - creating spaces for connection and community

[re]Designing Worship - creating powerful God experiences