What’s Your WHY?

Identifying the WHY in our lives can feel so very empowering. Years ago I remember Pastor Mike saying that the key purpose of the sabbath is to re-identify the WHY in our lives.

I love that concept.

Soul Craving:NS stage

This past weekend while experiencing worship I remembered WHY I started writing years ago. I’ve always been a decent writer – just never had a venue or a reason to write for anything beyond my own journal. Enter my début on the worship design team at Ginghamsburg, and the eventual leadership of that team. Quickly I realized that, if we were going to have worship-worthy pieces – scripture storytelling, skits, dramas or reader’s theater pieces that connected directly with our weekend preacher’s messages – someone with the ability to crawl inside the weekend word and translate it into a complementary spoken piece would need to write it.

And that someone would have to be me.

Fast forward to this past weekend when we needed the story of the man “blind from birth” out of the gospel of John chapter 9 to prepare us for the message. I wrote a piece in 2016 English that highlighted the message points Mike would be making. Pastor Rachel agreed to learn it and speak it- and then a 911 text Saturday morning saying she was down with a serious sinus infection and fever. Sooooo…. Dan pulled a video excerpt – cue retro Jesus movie – that told the story (albeit in a cheesier way) with the emphasis on a different part of the miracle. It was a valiant effort at a back-up plan, but definitely not US.

Old school Sunday school meets modern-day mega church = huge crashing sounds.

Meanwhile Rachel being Rachel came to Saturday rehearsal sick but having absolutely memorized the piece. She delivered the story like a champ at 5p worship – and went home to collapse. For our 6:30 Next Step worship Rusty pulled the short straw, delivering the same story un-memorized yet it still quite powerfully in the context of that worship experience.

And I learned all over again WHY I write.

I write to connect. I write to pull out the profound.

I write to curve the ball toward the bat that is the weekend message.

And BAM. God works. I can feel it in the room.

john 9 script

What do you do week after week – that seems mundane at times? Perhaps you’ve lost the WHY of your work…

Human Responsibility + Divine Intervention = The Miraculous

(this equation was also a key part of Pastor Mike’s weekend message)

Don’t miss the chance to sit down with God and re-identify your WHY.

What’s stopping you from making a sabbath appointment with yourself and God?

–  Empowering you towards your WHY once again.

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