Need a lift? I did.

 The mission of Jesus is often costly, messy and inconvenient.   – Mike Slaughter

Greetings Makeover Enthusiasts. Five months ago – due to a teeny weeny climate control issue our Ginghamsburg IT offices needed to be relocated to the precise area where our entire beautimous collection of design pieces were stored. Several staffpersons and I joined forces to move everything into what I lovingly refer to as MyPODs – Portable On Demand Storage unit. And MyPOD’s exactly where all that precious STUFF has lived through many projects, three makeovers and a movie. It’s been rough but what can I say?

All for the mission.


And even though I firmly stated that NOTHING could be retrieved during this time, I’m pretty sure I’ve crawled across this mess of stuff at least 20 times during the summer.

But that’s behind us now.


Because on this beautiful Saturday in October I got a lift. Not the cosmetic kind I probably really need but a gigantic industrial lift generously donated by a big-hearted Ginghamsburg servant and graciously negotiated by my partner-in-ministry Clark Miller. He. Is. The. Best.

lift trio

You see, the plan was for a second floor decor storage area to go above the new offices – and that happened! But how to get the STUFF up and down from that loft so high?

Here’s to five guys who got it done with great style and strength. Here’s to moving back into the building in time for cold weather. Here’s to doing whatever it takes to

create spaces for connection and community.

Thanks Dwayne, Dave, Bob, Clark and Anthony. You’re the best.


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