Conference Eve

Tomorrow Ginghamsburg will welcome nearly 1000 guests from across the country, Alaska and Canada too – women and men who care deeply and seek to share widely the message of life-changing grace. And while it’s true that Ginghamsburg is a fairly large church, hosting this many folks in our facility is giving us a good stretch. Many servants have worked hard to make this a strong event and many more will join in serving over the next two days. We all want to take what could be an ordinary event and turn it into an extraordinary experience – and so we prepare.


Church work is a LOT about preparation. We prepare and plan, God shows up and orchestrates the outcomes – but careful preparation is a Godly act.  I believe Jesus is still in the business of preparing places for people on earth – yet it’s through servants who understand the importance of hospitality – the art and theology of “sacred spaces.”  For wherever two or more are gathered together he’s promised to be right in the middle.


And so, we prepare.  Floors  swept, chairs set. Tables topped and books displayed. Meals planned, instruments tuned and voices warmed. Graphics designed, workshops written, vans fueled, signs hung, grass mowed, nametags printed, prayers spoken. We so want to provide a rich experience for our guests, but most of all we want God to “show up.” We want to be powerfully changed – and in turn be empowered to Change the World.  


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  1. Kim Jordan says:

    What a beautiful and sacred setting at CTW! All of you made us feel welcome and loved withing the walls of your facilities. I attended your Divine Design breakout and though I am not a creative person I was inspired and excited about the possibilities. My take away – Less is More! Thanks Kim.

  2. admin says:

    Kim, thanks for taking time to write and let me know how the CTW conference impacted you. Ginghamsburg was totally blessed with so many awesome guests such as you.

    Trusting your Easter was inspiring and that you are moving forward in meaningful ministry. I welcome your blog comments any time!


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