Forever Changed: Easter @ Ginghamsburg

I’m posting some pics of our Easter stage design and weekend celebrations. It’s tough to keep up with posting when the work is so consuming – but it definitely turned out to be a weekend to remember. Awesome servants + remarkable worship design team talent + best message of hope EVER = moments that left our Ginghamsburg Community FOREVER CHANGED.



my mom’s lifelong sewing machine – now mine – on the Ginghamsburg stage – constructing our front/faux curtain where the temple would be projected.

Once again our makeover design team creates a beautiful backdrop for Easter guests to experience the resurrection story.

Temple image projected onto sewn and rigged curtain. My best moment of our Easter Celebration: when the temple crumbled and the curtain was pulled down. My worst moments: each time the curtain tore in the WRONG place. Dr. Kim… Dr. KIM? I was the behind-the-scenes ON CALL curtain surgeon.
Full Easter stage: just so HAPPY!
Full Easter stage: just so HAPPY!

Aaaaand we have reels – oversized film reels – carved and constructed by our awesome servants (using donated wood) and ready for Ginghamsburg’s upcoming “At The Movies” series. I love what we have in store.

 More to come soon! We is busy 🙂






































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    My name is Sam. I am a worship leader at a church in the Bay Area, and I was curious about an easter graphic. We are planning our easter series this year and I was curious to know if you would share you’re easter 2014 graphics files with me.

    Please contact me back at



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