Inspiring You

Frequently I get asked how i come up with all the designs  for our projects. The answer is two-fold. First,I’m constantly thinking, ideating and asking myself “what if??” -mentally testing my ideas and exploring all the materials on hand. Yes, it’s a disease. Second, pictures of what others have done become quite inspiring to my overactive brain. I love seeing what’s possible and the permission gained by seeing everyday materials transformed into engaging displays.

Today I traveled to Easton Towne Center in Columbus, Ohio for a quick hour soaking in my best source of visual inspiration, Anthropologie. Nobody creates merchandise displays like this eclectic outlet for “the globally-minded customer” and experiencing how their materials, plants, clothing and kitchen goods interact in this tall ceiling-ed venue excites and motivates me a great deal.

Anthro bamboo

When i first arrived, visual designers were putting the last piece of bamboo into this rung-style arch. I almost asked if I could help them finish up-fun!

Anthro ladder

Permission granted to use ladders as often as possible in a multitude of design styles.

Anthro me

 This aged bird cage cost less than I’ve come to expect for Anthro’s furnishings and decor- $250! But alas, I have a few smaller ones, so no-deal today.


Anthro mirror

 Mirrors, plants and vintage-feeling jars. I’m in love.

Anthro plants

Plants- ivys and succulents – are often overlooked decor elements. I keep a stash around our Ginghamsburg campus to exchange into offices, public spaces and pop-up shops. Such a fun way to breath life into any space.


anthro shelves

Makes me want to go straight home and arrange my dining cupboards with domestic goodness. I will definitely be using some of these ideas for Ginghamsburg’s 2014 Change the World Conference pop-up bookstore. Can’t wait.

OK – your turn. What inspires YOU?


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