HEROES Series Stage Design

Ginghamsburg's Tipp City Campus drummer Josh Gonzales served as the artist for this series. We were subsequently able to create, print in-house and sell posters in each of the eight series characters. Check out the series messages listed on this page.


"H" logos created out of two layers of foam, cut, painted and mounted to side partitions.

H” logos created out of two layers of foam were cut, painted and mounted to side s


A close-up of walls - stage left and right. We basically perused Menard's for materials that could possibly be used as buildings in our city-scape mounted to stage walls: weedcloth, styrofoam drip pans, mesh screen, rolled fencing. Front pieces are shelving ends covered in black landscape cloth.

imageA comic bubble framed-out the large screen. It was made of cut foam covered w/ small-grid black plastic fencing which offered yet another texture as viewed from the floor.

Colorful lighting and vibrant gobos helped set the stage for an exciting series.

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