modernfamily stage redesign

modernfamily: the genesis of relationships

our stage design for this new year’s series began with a sketch. “nothing happens but first a dream…”

using patterns from the series font and an overhead project we traced 3’ x 4’ letters onto 2” styrofoam insulation ( and began cutting with our homemade “giant cheese cutter” as I like to call it.

a steady hand is a valuable tool. chad’s got it.

chad made our cutter using an electric box, pvc pipe and wires. you could do some serious damage with this tool but it’s great for large projects.

early in the month i’d put out a call for old frames we could paint. we got a great response. add a can of black paint and we were on our way.

a few of the frames were too cool to paint so we set them aside for future projects.

…aaand four huge frames from a local business made me really happy. we needed this size for scale.

meanwhile back at the letter cutting station we are making progress. “modern” and “family” are two different fonts, fyi. details matter!


next up- paint the letters. we didn’t use spray paint because it eats the foam – plus, baby, it’s cold outside! #fumesmakeyoucrazy

be sure to paint the sides too.

trying out some letters/frames to see how we’re lookin’

scheduled the ladder chores for more guys could join us


we strengthened the foam letters with slats on back, eventually securing them to the stage floor.

“family” is looking good in it’s red-trimmed-in-blackness

another feature of this design, family-friendly scriptures from the message stylized and formatted to enhance worship area walls.

extra frames offset these scripture posters

comin’ along!

black sconces with little colored lanterns add a nice touch to the side entry spaces

a view from above

and we’re live!

worship with the band. red gel tones this week… maybe blue next???

big picture

mike slaughter kicks off the series with a great message


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