It Feels Like Home

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i’ve been part of ginghamsburg for nearly 20 years- and served on the worship design team for most of that time. i can recall many great experiences and have felt God show up in our midst over and over again – but some days are just different, ya know? some days remind me why i signed up for this gig. some days i’m just darn proud to call ginghamsburg my home. some days it just feels like home.

martin luther king weekend worship has taken on different nuances over the last two decades. it’s been an opportunity to lift up one of our deepest community values – that if we aren’t demonstrating and celebrating the FULL kingdom of God it’s not really God. this past weekend we invited long-time ginghamsburg friend Dr. Frank Thomas from Mississippi Blvd. Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee to bring a word as part of our current “modernfamily” message series. Dr. Thomas did not disappoint. you’ll find a link to his message here  (column on the right) by tomorrow/tuesday at noon.

so many take-aways from this message, but the song JK chose for our offering really summed up my experience and the prayer of my heart:

it feels like home (the city harmonic)
I have a dream
That you can have with me
Of a city that shines so bright at night
Where love is true
But this love He finds you
And there is a fire in His eyes
Where I can see everything’s alright

It feels like home
Sweet home
There’s no, no, no, no, no, no
No place like home

When I awake
That day of glory
Your love will light the city streets
Oh and we won’t
Need our songs of longing
We’ll be a symphony of peace
Brothers and sisters we’ll be free
Thank God Almighty we’ll be free

It feels like home
Sweet home
There’s no, no, no, no, no, no
No place like home

don’t let go of the dream

CCLI Song No. 6129750 © 2011
Thankyou Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing

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