here’s a chronological creation process of our summer “LIVE THE LIFE” worship message series – the final series out of the sermon on the mount- the seventh chapter of matthew. it was actually one of our less labor-intensive designs, using 3″ molding cut into 4′ lengths to create the hanging designs. for the smaller designs on the side walls we simply used 14″ wood shims. we highlighted all the designs using yellow and orange spray paint to make them “pop” under the lights.

an extra idea was to create a flooring design using orange and yellow duct tape to repeat the theme designs at various locations on the floor. no harm done, this was a great visual effect – especially from the balcony.

last, we cut large letters out of insulation foam (comes in 4×8 sheets and various widths from any home improvement store) and painted them black. added a wood design element and mounted this under the screen – a defining feature for this series.

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