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HAPPILY EVER AFTER: a stage design

One of the most frequent questions people ask Campus Designer Kim is, “How do you come up with all these ideas?” While not diminishing the rich wealth of my makeover teammate’s immeasurable input, part of my responsibility is pushing through each and every series, assuring I’ve collected the pool of creative thought neccessary to dream and build an...
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Worship Design Team: No-Snow Days

I’m one of those annoying people who loves snow. Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes really are a few of of my favorite things and the thought of a snow day just makes me smile. Last night we got five inches and i felt the excitement of a kid all over again. Strangely...
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Right Here Right NOW: stage design

right here right NOW is our 2011 opening series out of the gospel of matthew chapter 13… where jesus talks about weeds, seeds and the “secrets” of the kingdom of God. our worship design team wanted to make this chapter accessible and fresh to our church family. makeover team artist-builder chad oler came up with...
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