Meet the Intern

Hello, all!

You may have seen me quietly crafting in the background of recent [re]design pictures, or perhaps you’ve spotted me on and off stage at Ginghamsburg, or maybe you’ve even mistaken me for Kim herself (yeah, it’s happened)!

Well, let me properly introduce myself today as Brianna the worship design intern! (But you can call me Bri, if you’d like.)



So first, a few fun facts…

In my coffee mug: Usually tea or a pumpkin spice chai latte.

On my bookshelf: I’m a huge Lord of the Rings buff. So right now, I’m reading through the beautiful Tolkien dictionary I received for Christmas (no, I’m not kidding). But I’ve also been dabbling in Mary Oliver’s poetry and Making a Mess and Meeting God by Mandy Smith.

What I’ve been loving lately: Right now, it would definitely be watching endless episodes of Gilmore Girls while crafting. Oh, and Pinterest. But that’s a given.

A few of my faves: Did I mention Pinterest? ; ) Summer evenings, walking slowly through art museums, short sleeves, coffee ice cream, long chats with friends, antique stores, all things theatre, and traveling to new places.

Ok, now that the ice is broken, let me share a bit about how I found my way here.

I hail from the lovely town of Newark, Ohio, and recently graduated from Taylor University with a professional writing degree. I’m an all-around fan of the arts, I won’t deny it. I can’t remember a time when my life didn’t include some kind of creative outlet. When I was little, I made up stories about the pencils and erasers in my backpack during the bus ride home. In high school, there was hardly a day when I wasn’t staying after school to rehearse for the next play or choir concert. Likewise, in college I pretty much lived in the theatre and music building, and by my senior year had maneuvered my schedule to consist exclusively of performing arts classes.

Storytelling and sharing those stories with others is what I love most about every area of art I explore. My junior year of college, I became involved on the worship design team at my church (Newark Naz). I loved it. Telling stories, using creative arts to shape lives, and offering a refreshed perspective of God’s Word was maybe one of the best jobs on earth I could imagine. I had heard about Ginghamsburg and the work with worship design they did. So during my post-grad summer, I popped down for a visit, met Kim, one thing led to another, and here I am today.

I’ve had an amazing experience at Ginghamsburg these past five months. Working with Kim to craft beautiful worship experiences has truly been a blessing beyond what I could ask or imagine. Already, I’ve had the opportunity to write and direct dramatic illustrations for the Grateful series, performed a spoken word piece for Christmas Eve, gotten involved with Ginghamsburg Kids FX nights, plugged into an awesome life group, and discovered my inner-artist with each new stage design we create.

 Watch out, world. Crafty women on the move! 

I am beyond excited to see what the journey has in store next. I’m looking forward to connecting with you in this space, and hope to share a few of my own reflections alongside Kim’s. If you’re a first-timer to the blog, like me, welcome! Drop us a hello in the comments. Or if you’re a frequenter of “The Burg” (as we’ve been affectionately calling it lately), I’d love to meet you in person!

Blessings to all, and happy Tuesday!

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