Worship Design Team: No-Snow Days

I’m one of those annoying people who loves snow. Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes really are a few of of my favorite things and the thought of a snow day just makes me smile. Last night we got five inches and i felt the excitement of a kid all over again.

Strangely for many years i’ve been part of a team that doesn’t take snow days. Wednesday is worship design team meeting day NO MATTER WHAT; an absolute priority in our workweek because, well, the weekend is always just around the corner. And what we know is that come Saturday at 5p Ginghamsburg will open it’s doors to welcome hundreds of guests who need a word from God and an experience of amazing grace: music rehearsed, media created – and most of all – messages prayed, talked and worked over. The WORD to become flesh and live in us and through us.

Worship Design Team: No-Snow Days

A lot of churches have developed worship planning teams but far fewer actually work on message creation in the context of relationship. When our team gathers for that Wednesday meeting our multi-campus speaking pastors faithfully bring notes and a direction of where they’re headed with their designated series’ theme. The team listens carefully to their thoughts and content, then wrestles through the scripture in personal and insightful ways. We put ourselves in the seats of the listeners, pressing in on the “felt need” folks potentially bring to the subject at hand. We offer our best input, challenge one another and push forward on this WORD. It’s a beautiful exchange of heart and head and over time this process becomes a part of the week we can’t imagine living without. Our lives are richer for the strong WORD that’s become a signature piece of Ginghamsburg worship- in any weather.

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