Souper Bowl Canslide

i’m not a huge football fan but i love partnering with New Path each year to stage the Souper Bowl in Ginghamsburg’s lobby, replenishing our South Campus food pantry. New Path feeds close to 700 families every month and let me just say they are one AMAZING outreach.

We created two goal stations. The goalposts are heavy cardboard tubes from carpet rolls – basically a dumpster dive by yours truly and one of my partners in crime. Together with Dave and Sean we measured, cut and assembled the tubes into goalposts using L-brackets and a lil’ bit o mud’n spit. i took a suggestion from a guy named Nate and wrapped them in yellow duct tape trimmed with some silver. We screwed the goalposts into large wood boxes painted black – added some balloons and hung signs for the BRONCOS and the SEAHAWKS. Astroturf rugs under these goal stations helped amp up the look.IMG_20140201_0743241560419_10150361297114997_853539064_nSouper Bowl Canslide

Over the weekend Ginghamsburgians placed their groceries into their box of team choice. Last i heard the Broncos were winning by a canslide 🙂 but the real winners will be the folks in our community who are needing a little help making ends meet.

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