Right Here Right NOW: stage design

right here right NOW is our 2011 opening series out of the gospel of matthew chapter 13… where jesus talks about weeds, seeds and the “secrets” of the kingdom of God. our worship design team wanted to make this chapter accessible and fresh to our church family. makeover team artist-builder chad oler came up with a way to showcase live plants. i asked for window boxes and got concept drawings for much, much more…

the wall texture is actually screen mesh that comes in rolls at various widths and we stapled rolls side by side, then scrunched it to catch the lights and stapled these large sheets to the walls. the window boxes are wood frames painted black – with galvanized steel siding cut to size by our trusty carpenters. the window panes are prolifically available here in our midwest community and we painted them in every color available, fastening into various locations as seen. one of our makeover team members is a floral designer by day and acquired our 35+ plants to make this design come ALIVE! donated vintage pots turned upside down became coasters for glass votive candles on the side walls of the worship area – where found wood slat pieces were placed to carry out the horizontal-lined theme of the main series graphic. key elements in this stage design were: COLOR! black painted frames, plants of various shapes, silver metal and wood/glass windows. we like the fresh change and seized the opportunity to switch up the choir and band to opposite sides of the stage. it’s a powerful series full of metaphor and visual examples – a strength for any worship design!

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